Imagine a world where food is healthier and tastier, the local community is thriving and the environmental footprint of business is as small as possible. That is the world of  the Green Table Network.

The Green Table Network was established in 2007 and is now managed by the GLOBE Group.  The GLOBE Group is a unique Vancouver-based organization with deep roots and a long history of being an international champion of environmentally sound business.

Across the entire food service industry, from food courts to fine dining, food trucks to coffee shops, there’s been a huge shift towards going green. But which companies are really doing it?  The role of the Green Table Network is to acknowledge food service operators who have committed to improving their environmental performance while serving the best quality, tastiest food imaginable. That acknowledgement comes after we conduct a rigorous review of their operations.  The Green Table Network designation only goes to those who deserve it. That way, you know it’s legit.

So what does it take to be a Green Table Network member? Some companies go way above and beyond the benchmark while some have just reached the minimum. Either way, certified Green Table Network members have made at least these benchmark commitments:

  • Eliminate styrofoam and non-recyclable plastics. Many Green Table Network members use compostable, biodegradable or re-useable take-out containers and service ware. A lot more expensive, but worth it.
  • Implement comprehensive recycling programs. The food service industry uses tons of single-use commercial sized containers in the supply chain. Green Table Network members commit to diverting as many of these containers as possible from the landfill.
  • Use Water Wisely. Upgrades to plumbing and fixtures help Green Table Network members make smarter use of water, thereby reducing their total ‘water footprint’.
  • Add / feature at least one sustainable protein menu item. This could take the form of third-party verified products such as Oceanwise, or hormone-free meat from a local rancher. Either way, it makes a difference.
  • Install / upgrade to efficient lighting. Most people only see the restaurant lighting a couple hours at a time; imagine the energy it takes to light the kitchen, prep areas, storage rooms and walk-in coolers 16 – 18 hours per day. Lighting upgrades save a huge amount of energy!
  • Adopt a ‘Sustainability Philosophy’. Harder to measure, but way more important than any of the above. Green Table Network members carefully consider the environmental impacts of their business decisions, their purchasing patterns and their day-to-day operations.

Almost all of these criteria are ‘invisible’ to the average consumer – that’s why the Green Table Network is so important. We show you who’s working on a better future, one dish at a time.