Food / Beverage Service Operators

Green Table Network Partners

Green Table Network offers key stakeholders in food and food services an industry-wide program that establishes a clear set of benchmarks, and provides common language and tools to achieve them.  But we couldn’t do all this without our partners who believe in the Green Table Network concept as much as we do and support us every step of the way:

The GLOBE Group, spearheaded by the not-for-profit GLOBE Foundation, is a unique organization that contributes to Canada’s image as a leading source of innovative technologies, a key player in the rapidly expanding global environmental marketplace, and an international champion of environmental business. We take on a broad range of projects designed to engage the environmental industry, the corporate sector, government agencies, and the financial community in environmental and energy business opportunities and projects around the world. Learn More

Businesses of all sizes and sectors have come to recognize the vital importance of adapting their practices for sustainability. Wisent Environmental brings together new enabling technologies and the economic and environmental imperatives of business to deliver sustainable business solutions for their customer’s facilities & operations needs. Learn More

Vancity provides financing for green businesses, including GTN certified restaurants. Vancity offers an ‘Eco Efficiency’ loan to help make capital upgrades to improve eco efficiency as well as other forms of financing. Check out Vancity’s financial support of one of the GTN founding partners Rocky Mountain Flatbread; they have also financed various other local, organic and natural food related businesses and social enterprises as well. Learn More

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability is a mission-driven, enterprising non-profit organization that provides community sustainability planning and implementation services to local governments in BC, Canada and North America. Learn More

LOCO BC is working to create a diverse, vibrant local economy by strengthening small and mid-sized businesses. We do this by promoting buy local, by fostering business networking, and by ensuring businesses are on the path to sustainability. Learn More

The Campaign for Real Ale Society of British Columbia was incorporated in 1990 as a registered non-profit organization in the province of British Columbia. CAMRA BC is dedicated to the promotion and responsible consumption of natural, crafted beers. Membership across BC is made up of over 1000 individual and corporate members consisting of microbreweries, pubs and taphouses, restaurants, and specialty liquor stores along with many skilled amateur brewers. CAMRA members are eager to apply their talents and experience to promoting widespread public appreciation of the many “real beers” that have become available in recent years.Learn More