Manufacturer, Distributor or Broker

The food service industry involves many, many different types of companies: distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, brokers, warehousers and more. It takes a huge team of players to keep food service operations going. If your company falls into any of these categories, join the Green Table Network family and enjoy the benefits of being a Preferred Supplier Member.


Fair Trade. Organic. Community-minded. Environmentally-aware. Four concepts we don't take lightly at Ethical Bean. In fact, they serve as the pillars to absolutely everything we aim to do. And what we aim to do – simply put – is make the best fair trade certified organic, environmentally happy coffee on the planet. Sure, it's got to be downright delicious, but if the process itself isn't just, well then, we just don't do it. Learn More

BSI Biodegradable Solutions
BSI is your source for 100% biodegradable and compostable food service ware, food packaging, and flatware products. At BSI, we think it is important that biodegradable products work not only for the environment, but for your business. Our goal is to help businesses become leaders in sustainability and create a healthier environment for everyone. Learn More

The focus of our business and our brand is to produce more sustainable products: clean and natural. No strings attached, simple yet flavourful and smooth. With that in mind we relaunched The Whole Leaf Tea Kit in its new packaging. We also launched our new, innovative and 100% compostable Tea Bag Filter for the food service market. Learn More

W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. is the first and only company in Canada manufacturing certified compostable plastic bags, from extrusion, to bag making to packaging. BIOSAK® Compostable Brown Bags™ are a lower cost solution to the municipality as a whole for municipal household organic waste management than are traditional plastic or paper bags. Learn More